What we can do for you

What we can do for you ?
We organize Volleyball tour around Italy.
We can help college teams, private clubs or national teams who want to come to italy from everywhere


what we can do for you volleyballItaly Volleyball Tours will help make a unique sporting and travel experience in the sporting aspect and tourism in famous locations in Italy like Tuscany, Rome, Venice and Trentino Alto Adige.
Italy is a wonderful place, a once in a lifetime experience, so we invite you to come to visit our country with your volleyball team.

Our Italian volleyball tours typically last 5 to 14 days with travel between different Italians regions.
Visit our website VolleyballTours to see some sample ideas for your travel in Italy for both volleyball and tourism.
With all of our tours, you pick the destinations and travel dates that best suit your schedule and then leave the rest to us.

We will set up matches against Italian club teams, organize gym time for extra practices, schedule sightseeing and cultural activities, coordinate team transportation, and provide lodging and all meals at an affordable price that meets your budget.

Indoor volleyball tours are available for teams at all level for travel to Italy throughout the year.
Contact Italy Volleyball Tours to get a price quote for your organization or to learn more about our popular itineraries.



Benefits of Team, School or Group Tours:

  • Increase your team’s volleyball image
  • Recruit new players because of the opportunity for team travel
  • Establish a cultural exchange relationship with foreign youth teams
  • Increase sponsorship fund-raising possibilities through team travel
  • Increase player’s confidence and team morale
  • Team exposure to foreign volleyball culture and new styles of play
  • Gain match experience against foreign clubs
  • Increase team’s conditioning by intense training sessions matches
  • Engage your players in foreign language study (on request)
  • Have the opportunity for coaches to share ideas and different points of view with coaches from other countries